The veggies need our love.

Veggies are superheroes. They aid in preventing and fighting disease. They help us shed extra pounds and feel great. Sadly, studies show that veggies just aren't feeling the love.

91% of Americans fail to eat the recommended 5 or more servings of vegetables per day.* 

Shocking statistic? We think so. It's no wonder the mighty veggie is feeling a wee bit underappreciated.

At Purenfusion™ we love veggies and have made it our mission to help you love them, too.

* An estimate based on 2103 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System data.


Get your 5 a day with PURENZ™ Frozen Vegetable Purees.

Increasing your intake of vegetables couldn't be easier! 

PURENZ start with a combination of freshly harvested organic vegetables and superfoods. The veggies are triple washed, quick-blanched, pureed smooth and immediately frozen into cubes to lock in freshness. 


With the washing and chopping out of the way, all that's left to do is to give your morning smoothie and favorite soups and sauces a veggie boost by tossing in a handful of PURENZ™.


the team


In 2015, a brother-sister team from Fort Collins, Colorado, launched Purenfusion™ with a singular objective; to help Americans reclaim and maintain their health with nutrient-dense foods in convenient, no-fuss forms. 


"I love PURENZ! Because they are frozen, they don’t go bad like prepackaged greens and they double as ice for your smoothie!" — Kendall

PURENZ inspired me to start making smoothies for my toddler. Each morning he asks for a Rockin’ Red smoothie. I’m happy to say that he’s addicted and drinking his veggies.  

"I bought both the Groovy Green and Rockin' Red PURENZ and followed their Chocobliss Smoothie recipe which can be found on their website. SO GOOD! This definitely takes out the guesswork and effort involved in preparing a healthy and delicious vegetable smoothie!" —Heather

"PURENZ are an easy way to get your veggies throughout the day. For anyone who is too busy or physically challenged due to illness, this product can be added to smoothies or soups with ease." —Christina

"Love PURENZ because they make getting veggies super easy and they don’t spoil like my giant containers of spinach!" — Lea

"I never thought I'd see the day my son eat any vegetable aside from peas and carrots.  This weekend he did! He enjoyed cabbage, beets, and beet greens in the form of a Purenfusion HeartyPop. These pops are GREAT! A cool treat with half a serving of vegetables and under 5 grams of sugar cannot be beat." —Krys